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Using the “panes” of my analytical dashboard

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Access your dashboard through the left-hand menu and click on the last tab “reports”.

If you have a pilot license you have access to an analytical dashboard linked to the different themes of the actions you have configured.

This analytical dashboard allows you to have quick statistics on the different “tagged” actions.

You can access it from your Reports menu.

You will always have a “Folders” filter in the first pane. You’ll see here, your files.

You have several possibilities.

  • Depth: this is the display depth, up to which level you want to display your folders (folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders…). Setting to 0 displays your entire tree structure.
  • Dossier themes: these are the themes on the dossiers (not to be confused with action themes).
  • Summation of sub-folders: this option checked allows to cumulate all sub-folder actions on a superior folder.

The following are the themes of the actions in your different folders.

Depending on what you select, you can obtain statistics on your actions.

The left flap always takes precedence over the right flap.

You can refine your search by adding as many panes as you wish via the “Add pane” button (this button is visible when you fold the legend via the central arrow at the bottom of the dashboard).

Central arrow at the bottom of the dashboard

It is also possible to display a “folders” column after the custom fields columns of the actions in order to have the distribution of the actions according to what you have selected. The objective is to know where this or that action is.

Attention : You must have an Executive license to be able to create and share dashboards.

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