Digital Transformation for Local Authorities

Discover a new way of working in a team, which puts forward the collective and favours the blooming of each one!

Because a local authority is not a company, Perfony offers you an approach adapted to your problems to help you digitize and simplify the daily management of your employees and department managers.

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Improving meetings

Board meetings, steering committees, department meetings… even remotely, make the most of your meeting time! Perfony supports you before, during and after meetings to simply implement good practices for useful meetings.

Save time collectively and remain serene in your daily life!

Monitor action plans

Council decisions to be made operational, projects at the service of citizens or even daily management of a service involving the sharing of actions and the monitoring of their progress.

Thanks to its folder-based structure and its document sharing and commenting tools, Perfony offers a solid and simple architecture to free your mind and focus on your mission.

Stimulating the collective

Develop exchanges and information sharing in a unique and secure environment. Encourage responsibility and autonomy by giving everyone the means to advance. Perfony helps restore meaning to teamwork by promoting visibility and communication.

Simplify processes

Respecting procedures, essential to your business, is simplified with Perfony. Create processes that you can then import as you wish. Don’t burden your mind with repetitive tasks, but entrust them to Perfony so that you never forget anything again.

Share your best workflows with your department or even with all users in your community.

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