Working, Better, Together

Organize meetings and projects efficiently

Discover a new way of working as a team that highlights the collective and encourages the development of each individual.

Perfony: Reenchant teamwork

With Perfony, everyone knows what to do!

The whole team can interact and share its progress, needs for assistance, ideas or documents at any time.

Perfony is the solution to have a complete visibility on your work, in all simplicity.

Improve meetings

Meetings are too often seen as a waste of time to move forward together.

Spread best practices, share agendas and minutes in a single click and make your meetings more dynamic!

Plan the actions

Give visibility on the work to be done and empower employees.

Perfony encourages trust and autonomy within the teams thanks to a high level of transparency.

Pilot the processes

Knowing the progress, identifying difficulties before they arise, giving the whole team an overview of the processes, to give meaning to everyone’s actions.

Stimulate the collective

Perfony structures the teams and centralizes the information leading to a reduction in emails and avoiding duplicate tasks.

At the heart of the action, Perfony distributes to everyone the information they need.

Find out how to improve the efficiency of your Management Committees

“Perfony allows us to be more efficient in meetings and in the daily follow-up of actions to be carried out for our school”


Director, InTech Paris

Freeing up time

  • Finding the right information
    in due course
  • Spend less time in meetings
  • Reduce emails, tools and channels.

Growing up in the exchange

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Discuss with employees
  • Building projects together

Giving meaning to work

  • Remove repetitive tasks
  • Organize your own work
  • Giving the means to move forward

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