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The company Telma France bets on iPerfony to improve the performance of its meetings!


For Telma France, world leader in frictionless braking based on the physical principle of electromagnetic induction, performance and precision are at the heart of its productivity issues. In its quest for excellence, the leader has put in place numerous processes to achieve this. In this continuity, Telma France wanted to take a new step to improve the traceability of its decisions and increase their performance. To achieve this, the company chose iPerfony. A look back at an effective approach…

The company

An accompaniment from A to Z

The implementation was carried out smoothly.

A presentation campaign of the tool, carried out both by and by Telma France employees, was preferred to a classic training course. The solution was welcomed without difficulty by the employees who were convinced by the testimonials of their managers.

Today, 40 drivers and 70 users use the tool on a daily basis. 80% of employees use iPerfony frequently. As each manager pilots his meetings with iPerfony, the participants in turn use it to update information on the actions entrusted to them.

Multiple benefits

“Our projects gain clarity with the management and prioritization functions. With the option to prioritize and postpone actions, we have strong support to get things done on time. With better organization, everyone has the means to meet deadlines. Employees work with peace of mind because they know that once they have entered iPerfony, no data can be lost”. describes Frederic Nouchi.

“We appreciate the responsiveness and support of our staff, who are always ready to help us with any questions we may have. interlocutors in our daily use. They are listening to our questions and our proposals for improvement. We can see this with the latest updates of the tool which have made it possible to gain in speed!”

The benefits

He liked it:

Follow-up of actions and decisions between meetings

Save time through efficient meeting management

Clarity of actions

0 lost data

Frédéric Nouchi

Chief Financial Officer

Telma France.

About Telma France

Since 1946 Telma has been the world leader in frictionless braking based on the physical principle of electromagnetic induction. Telma’s unique expertise in the field of induction braking has been forged by sixty years in the market, during which Telma has set the standards in its industry and made the difference in its field of expertise.

The Telma Quality System, certified ISO TS16949 and ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO
14001 (Respect for the Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety), is a guarantee of modernity and professionalism. Thanks to its certified Quality organization, Telma has been able to establish numerous agreements with the world’s leading truck and bus manufacturers who originally equip their vehicles with Telma products, ensuring their perfect integration.

The Telma group consolidates a turnover of more than 52 M€, manufactures more than 32,000 retarders per year, employs 265 people, delivers 593 customers and offers 571 applications on more than 250 vehicle platforms.

The Telma group is established in France, Germany, China, the United States, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom. A distribution network of more than 350 agents represents the Telma brand all over the world.

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