“The success of an operation lies in its preparation”

– Sun Tzu

The starting point for any improvement process is the initial essential step of identifying the points of friction in the organization.
Thanks to years of experience in business consulting, Perfony’s teams support you in drawing up a realistic picture of your company.

This preparatory work has a threefold objective:

– Identify areas for improvement that need to be addressed
– Know the company in order to create a relevant data infrastructure./span>
– Define the scope of implementation

Ask your teams

What is the Perfony survey?

In under five minutes per person, the survey provides an unprecedented view of the number, structure and effectiveness of meetings. In addition, it identifies the number of action plans each person is responsible for and whether this mass of actions is easily manageable, raising the crucial question of workload management and the associated risks. This survey is aimed at creating a statistical report, providing key indicators that will make improvements tangible.

You will get the following information :

  • The number of meetings per month per person
  • The breakdown of meetings by category
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of meetings
  • The actual effectiveness of a sample of meetings
  • The number of action plans
  • The accessibility of action plans

How does it work?

It is administered under our supervision via the Internet. In practical terms, respondents receive a personalized email with a message and a link.

The response rate is generally between 50% and 70% when supported by an official message from management. For a critical mass of about 30 replies, it is necessary to foresee inviting a good fifty people.

Free of charge


Requires only 5 minutes

Minimum 8 people required to answer

24 questions

Receipt of the report within 48 hours

Relance programmée en cas d’absence de réponse

Give your teams a voice and commit to operational excellence.

Tell me more about your survey method:

Discover Perfony

Analyse your company

Perfony’s main expertise is saving time and responding to workplace issues by improving the effectiveness of meetings and the efficiency of action plans that are vital part of any company.

To improve a situation, first of all it’s necessary to assess it. This is why we propose a pragmatic and relevant evaluation.

Scope and Tool

Within a given scope (number of people, number of locations) we will be able to:

Identify the potential for improvement in the structure and management of meetings and action plans.

Highlight potential drivers and barriers and the need for support in implementing change.

Obtain a consensus among your teams in order to commit to specific and ambitious objectives.

Unlike most solutions, Perfony does not require a paid license for each user so you don’t have to limit the number of users, thereby allowing everyone to work together more efficiently.

Mapping out the approach and results


Evaluation of the current situation: Perfony gives you a clear, accurate and comprehensive overview of the current situation in terms of control of management loops.

Identifying the target: Working together with you, Perfony identifies the expected purpose of meetings and action plans, the optimal structure of your management system and the expected ROI .

Improvement project: based on this shared vision of the initial situation and the desired one, and in the light of Perfony’s experience, it’s then possible to define a project. This proposal will integrate technical and tactical aspects.

Conduct a health check of your organization

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