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The different roles in a file

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The members of a folder can have different roles that will allow them to access more or less extensive rights on the life of the folder.

The roles are inspired by the RACI matrix and transposed to Perfony it gives :

  • “Pilot” or “Co-pilot”,
  • “Member”,
  • “Informed.”

The “Pilot” and the “Co-Pilots

Pilots and Co-pilots of a file have exactly the same rights. The Pilot is the person who created the file. Co-pilots are those members to whom the pilot wishes to assign additional rights.

Only persons holding a “Pilot” licence may be Pilots or Co-pilots.

They will be able to create sub-folders, add new members to the folder, delegate actions to the folder, close completed actions…

The “Members” of a file

The members of a file are therefore all other persons who will participate in the smooth running of the file.

They may hold an “Associate” or “Pilot” or “Executive” license, without distinction.

The “Informed”

The last category, the Informed, are all the people to whom we wish to give a right of view on a file, without them taking an active part in it.

This could be an N+1 for example.

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