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Create a periodic meeting

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Go to one of your meetings through the menu on the left, and click on the fourth tab, “My Meetings”.


Change the perodicity

Select a meeting and then click on “Change frequency”.

You don’t need to create a new meeting frame each time, there is an occurrence system that allows you to take over the drivers, participants, agenda, action plan and minutes directly.

You can then change the items you want before you confirm the meeting.

Repetition: you can choose whether the meeting is repeated daily, weekly or monthly, and then set the parameters.

For example if I want a meeting to take place every 4th of the month, every other month, I configure as below.


Another example, if you want to create a meeting every Monday at 9:00 am, set it up like this:


In case you want to create a meeting every first Monday of the quarter, you will need to configure the periodicity as follows.


Change the duration

You can choose the desired number of occurrences, an end date for repeating this occurrence, or not to give it an end.

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