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Hierarchy and list view

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For all users, Perfony offers two different views of your folders list in the “Folders” menu.

A list view, which can be sorted, and a hierarchical view that reveals the nesting of folders and their subfolders.

Switching from one view to another is done using the “standard view” selectors located at the top left, under the main drop-down menu of the page.

The “folder list” view

The “folder list” view displays all folders one after the other, without taking into account the hierarchical organization. This display allows you to sort and filter the folders.

The drop-down menu on the right allows you to change the sorting order of the files according to the following criteria:

  • Advancement
  • Name
  • Number of actions in progress
  • Number of shares overdue
  • Driver name
  • Theme

The selector [HI/LO] allows you to reverse the sort order:

  • Chronological / anti-chronological
  • Alphabetical / anti-alphabetical
  • Numerical ascending / descending

The “folder hierarchy” view

This view displays the dependencies and nesting of folders and subfolders within each other.

The display is in the same spirit as the Windows Explorer or the MacOSX Finder.

The [+] and [-] buttons are used to open and close folders.

The [EXPEND] button allows you to open the entire folder tree with one click, or to close it.

This display does not allow sorting, since the folders are organized in relation to each other.

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