Create an action from the “Action plan” menu

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At any time, you can add an action in your Perfony space through the “My actions” menu and the “+ New action” button below the main drop-down menu.

The page that appears allows a detailed entry of the action, but only the name is a mandatory field.

An action must belong to a folder. If you don’t specify anything, the action will be added to your personal “To Do List” folder. It is therefore particularly important to remember to specify the file to which the action relates.

The choice of file also determines the list of possible managers.

You will also be able to detail :

  • A manager (and contributors)
  • A deadline, a forecast duration and a recurrence
  • A priority
  • Themes
  • Additional information.

Click the “Add” button at the bottom of the page to save your new action.

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