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Connect to Perfony with a Google account (Single Sign On)

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For organizations using Google’s enterprise environment (G Suite), it is possible to set up a Perfony login system using Google credentials to simplify user identification (a unique password to remember!).

You know that you can use Google SSO on your Perfony account thanks to the specific icon displayed below the login window.

If you see this icon, you can sign in with your Google credentials. If you don’t see it, then contact your Google administrator and ask them to contact our technical support team to enable it.

How to set up Google SSO on Perfony?

Of course, setting up Google SSO on Perfony requires you to be a Google user on the one hand, and an intervention of your organization’s Google account administrator on the other hand.

It will have to declare Perfony as an authorized application and provide our technical services with a ClientID that will make SSO connection possible.

How to connect with Google SSO on Perfony?

If you see the Google icon below the login window, you can click on it, and then login in the dedicated window, with your Google email and password.

And that’s it. You are on Perfony!


Attention: it is not because there is the button that a user can systematically use the SSO!
For example, if your email address that has been added to the Perfony system is not the one of your Google domain, then you will still have to identify yourself in the classic way.

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