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Actions to close” module of the home page

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This module is only accessible to users with a “Pilot” license. It allows you to see the number of completed actions waiting to be closed, by clicking on it, in the folders you are piloting or co-piloting.

For each action concerned, you will find :

  • The avatar of the person responsible for the action
  • The ID and name of the action
  • The progress bar
  • The icon for closing the action
  • The comment pictogram.

This will allow you to serially close all actions that you consider to be in compliance.

For non-compliant actions, you will be able to bring back their progress status using the progress bar, which will allow the person responsible for it to take it back.

Whether an action is compliant or not, you will be able to add a congratulatory comment or a remark for improvement without having to leave the dashboard by clicking on the comment bubbles .

In the middle of the module area, a number informs you about the remaining actions to be closed.

The context menu allows you to remove the module from the dashboard.

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