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A guided tour of Perfony and its main features

Perfony, effective meetings at last

NWe are convinced that meetings are an essential time for managing companies, because it is during these occasions that managers can align the company’s strategy and their teams.
However, many of our employees experience meetings as a nuisance and “meeting-itis” seems to be a systemic evil.

Here are some of the features offered by Perfony to ensure that your meetings engage your teams.

Sharing the agenda

Tracking decisions

Live editing of meeting minutes

Sharing the agenda

Action plans

Action plans are common tools in organizations. Yet, there are still many existing obstacles to managing actions effectively. First of all, the still too frequent mistake of not transforming every decision taken into actions to be implemented.

Then, employees being unable to find them in their mailbox or in the company’s shared directory.

Finally, there is the question of how to update the shared document.

With Perfony, all action plans are in the same place for everyone. You no longer lose actions.

Creating actions with people responsible, deadlines and priorities

Multiple displays, sorting and filtering of your actions

Gantt and Kanban displays

Advanced action management

A simple way to manage projects

Most managers do not care about overly complex project planning and management tools that require a considerable amount of time to keep up to date.
But a simple, shared “to-do list” is not enough for effective teamwork.
Perfony is a simple tool for managing the progress of actions and projects, with features designed to respond to most situations, all of which will save you time.

Hierarchical organization of files

Matrix organization of folders

Statistical indicators linked to your folders

Using a folder template

So that ” collaborative ” rhymes with ” productive “

At Perfony, we want to ensure that teamwork, even when done remotely, across different activity lines and in different departments or services, is no longer a constraint punctuated by various steering meetings that provide the only opportunities for communication.
Perfony puts actions at the heart of the organization, so we have created a whole environment to encourage communication and interaction between members of the same team, project or folder.

Accessible from anywhere

Dedicated discussion forums

Notifications and alerts can be customized

Reminders by email

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