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By going to the menu « My actions » then « Search… » you can filter actions in order to display only the ones you want.

The filter criteria appear in the blue band.

Filter by status: to display only the ongoing or completed actions for example

You can filter by

  • Status: to display actions that have not started, or are ongoing, or completed and even closed…
  • Themes: to display only the actions corresponding to one or more themes
  • Person responsible: to display only the actions of one or more specific people responsible.
  • Contributor: to display only those actions that have one or more people defined as contributors.
  • Roles: to display only the actions for which you have a specific role.
  • Date: to display only the actions created and/or modified and/or scheduled over a range of dates.
  • Priority: to display only the highest or lowest priority actions
  • Number of postponements: to display only actions with at least a certain number of postponements in order to identify the problematic actions.
  • Folders: to display only the actions of one or more specific folders.

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Finally, you can delete filters and return to the default display by clicking the icon after the sort selectors.

Filters are cumulative. For example, you can filter by date AND by person responsible.

You can add as many criteria as you like, but the more filters there are, the greater the risk of not having the result you are looking for.

To change the order in which your filters are displayed, you can use the sort function.