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What is a Perfony diagnosis?

Perfony’s main expertise is to save time and respond to workplace issues of well-being by improving the health of meetings and the fluidity of action plans that are part of any organization.

To improve a situation, it is first necessary to have an initial assessment of the current circumstances. This is why we propose a pragmatic and accurate diagnosis of the situation.


The overall annual cost of your meetings


The cartography of meetings and their degree of efficiency


The quantity and quality of your action plans


A synthesis of the areas for improvement


Our recommendations

The diagnosis

How do we go about it?

We work within your organization, within a pre-defined scope, and we accurately examine the behaviours as well as the workings and components of your meeting system.
Interviews will be carried out with participants and meeting chairpersons, in order to map out the meetings, identify the main issues and start evaluating managerial practices and tools, as well as the level of resistance to change, whether it is conscious or not.
A cartography and evaluation of the meeting system and action plans, allowing you to identify the coverage and health status of your management system. In particular in terms of managing your activity, anticipating deviations and managing risks.

Scope and Tool

Within a given scope (number of people, number of locations) we will be able to:
Identify the potential for improvement in the structure and management of meetings and action plans.

Highlight potential levers and barriers and the need for support for change.
Obtain a consensus in your teams in order to commit to specific and ambitious objectives.
Unlike most solutions, Perfony does not require a paid license for each user so you do not have to limit the number of users and this allows everyone to work together more efficiently.

The meeting cartography

Identify meetings, their purposes, frequencies, participants
Identify their performance level through our analysis system
Highlight positive points and areas for improvement
Carry out a crucial analysis of the management system: (objectives, indicators, performance analysis meeting, action plans).


Assessment of the current situation: Perfony gives you a clear, real and comprehensive insight into the current situation in terms of management control loops.
Identifying the target: Working together with you, Perfony identifies the anticipated role of meetings and action plans, the optimal configuration of your management system and the expected ROI.
Improvement project: on the basis of this shared understanding of the starting position and the desired situation, and in view of Perfony’s experience, it then becomes possible to define a project. This proposal will integrate technical and tactical aspects.

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