The different roles users have in a folder

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Participants of a folder can have different roles which will allow them broader or more restricted rights of access throughout the life of the folder.

The roles are: « Member » of a folder, « Manager » or « Co-manager » of a folder or “Level up manager” (the next level of hierarchy).

The Manager and the Co-managers

The manager and Co-manager of a folder have exactly the same rights. The Manager is the person who created the folder. The co-managers are the members to whom the manager decided to allocate additional rights.

Only people holding a « Manager » licence may be a Manager or Co-manager.

They can create sub-folders, add new members to the folder, delegate folder actions, close completed actions…

Folder Members

The members of a folder are any other people who will participate in advancing the folder.

They may hold either a « Collaborator » or « Manager » or « Executive » licence.