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By going to the menu “My actions” and then “Search…” you can sort the order in which actions are displayed according to your preference.

To the right of the blue band, you will find a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the sorting criteria that you are interested in among the following criteria:

  • The due date for completing actions
  • The date when actions were created
  • The date when actions were last modified
  • The record of assigning actions
  • The identification number
  • The title of actions
  • The number of reports carried over
  • The priority
  • Persons responsible
  • Overdue actions
  • The implementation status

View :

By clicking on the icon to the left of the dropdown menu you will be able to reverse the order:

  • Chronological / Reverse chronological
  • Alphabetic / Reverse alphabetical
  • From smallest to largest / from largest to smallest

To change the displayed actions, you can use the filter criteria.