Reading and adding comments to an action

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It’s possible to add comments directly to an action by using the action page, but you can also do it by accessing the action lists.

In lists and action plans

Lists associated with the action menu

Whether in the form of lists or in the « scrum » view, it’s also possible to read and add comments to actions by clicking on the comment 


You will find them in the action menu lists (My actions, late actions, managed actions…), as well as on the filter and sort pages or on the action lists that you have added as bookmarks.

Action plans in a folder

You can also add a comment to an action in a folder by displaying the action plan and using the  icon to comment.

Action plan of a meeting

Finally, you also have the option of adding a comment to an action by opening the action plan of a meeting, then choosing the action concerned.

In an action page

When you open an action page, you can access the comments tab, identified by the comments icon.

The history of the discussion is displayed directly in the page and it’s possible to take part in the discussion by using the input box at the bottom of the page.