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The notification center is located in the top level band, in the upper area of ​​the Perfony workspace, represented by a small bell. When you click on it, all your meeting, folder and action notifications will appear.

Notifications of different kinds will be visible, for your:

Folders :

  • You have been added to a folder
  • Your role in a folder has been changed ((e. g. from « participant » to “co-chairperson « )

Meetings :

  • You have been added to a meeting
  • A meeting in which you are a participant has been cancelled
  • A meeting in which you are a participant has been moved
  • A meeting must be evaluated
  • The agenda for a meeting has been sent to you
  • You have been added as the presenter of an item of the agenda
  • A new occurrence of a meeting you are in has been created
  • Your role in a meeting has changed ((e. g. from « participant » to “presenter “of an item)
  Actions :
  • An action has been assigned to you as the person responsible
  • You have been assigned an action as a contributor
  • An action that you are responsible for is overdue
  • An action you are responsible for is about to become overdue
Once your notifications have been read, you can either click on the « mark all as read » button or the « eye » icon that appears in front of each notification to mark it specifically. Then, click the small bell a second time to hide your notification centre.

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