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Your avatar is the image that appears at the top right next to your name and represents you in the tool.

It appears in many places: when you are responsible for an action, when you attend a meeting etc … and it enables you to identify yourself quickly.

By default, your avatar will be a coloured oval with your initials.

There are 2 types of modification to get the avatar of your choice:

  • Change the colour of the coloured oval
  • Use an image of your choice.

To modify your avatar, click on it or your name in the band on the top right and choose « User Information » from the drop-down menu.

Then, click on the avatar that appears in the page. When you move the mouse over it, it turns grey and proposes “change the avatar”.

1/ Changing the colour of your avatar oval

In the window that opens, click on « Delete Photo ». An avatar with a different colour is automatically created.

The proposed colour is generated randomly. Repeat the process until you find a colour that interests you and then save.

View :


2/ Change the image of the avatar

In the edit window, click on « change the photo », then find on your computer the image that you want.

It needs to be in .PNG, .GIF or .JPEG (or .JPG) format.

The preview area will allow you to adapt the loaded image and only select a portion of it, then save.

You can change your photo at any time by clicking on « change the photo » or return to a coloured oval with your initials by clicking on « delete the photo ».