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How do I add a meeting to my bookmarks?

There are 2 ways of adding a meeting to your bookmarks.

  1. From the list of meetings.

Go to the « Meetings » menu to view a list of your meetings. Use the filters and sort to show the meeting you want.

Display the list in extended view, then for the meeting you are interested in, click on the icon to the left of its title, below the creation date. The page reloads and the following icon appears .

  1. From a meeting page.

To add the meeting you are viewing to your bookmarks, you will need to click the  icon that appears on the left in the blue band. The page reloads and the icon appears instead of the previous one.

Your bookmark has now been created. It will be named after the meeting.

Where do I find a meeting bookmarked?

Meetings added to your bookmarks by any of the alternatives will appear in the lower part of the « Meetings » menu, sorted alphabetically.

Click on the name of a bookmarked meeting to open the page for the next time it’s held.

How do I delete a meeting from bookmarks?

Like adding, deleting can be done from your meeting list, or directly from one of the meeting pages.

Click   to delete the bookmark. The page reloads and the

icon appears instead

You can add or delete as many meetings to your bookmarks as you like.