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How do I add a list of meetings to my bookmarks?

By going through the « Meeting » menu, you have already created filters and sorts on your meetings that suit you and that you would like to be able to reuse, without having to redo all these filters and sorts. (For example, display only next month’s meetings, so you can find them faster).

No problem at all. You can add the list of meetings that you want to your bookmarks.

To do this, click the [FA-STAR-O] icon at the top left in the filter and sorting area. You will need to name this list in order to be able to find it in your bookmarks. (In our example we could call it « Meetings this Month »)

Where can I find a meeting list bookmarked?

Once added to bookmarks, a list of meetings appears in the lower part of the « Meetings » menu. You will be able to retrieve it under the name you gave it when you saved it.

Lists of meetings and single date meeting are distinguished in bookmarks by the icons (FA-MEETING-O] and [FA-LIST] next to their names.

How do I delete a meeting list from bookmarks?

If you want to remove a meeting list from your bookmarks, click on its name to display the list, then click on the [FA-STAR] icon in the upper left corner of the filter and sort area.

Your list will be removed from bookmarks and the icon will return to [FA-SGTAR-O].

You can add and remove a list of meetings bookmarked as many times as you like.

You can also start from a meetings list already bookmarked to make changes to the filters and sorts and thus save a new list of meetings to bookmarks.