General remarks about additional information

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Additional information is a narrative description in the form of a few lines of text that helps to clarify information for your employees and supplements the title given to an item. It’s identified by the sign (i).

Such a description can be added to folders, actions, or meetings and can be formatted using the text editor.

It’s possible to add such information as soon as a folder, an action or a meeting is created, or it can be done retrospectively because it’s not a mandatory element of the set up. Similarly, it’s possible to edit, modify or delete additional information at any time, by clicking on the pictogram (i).

The (i) icon has two display formats:

  • (i) blue on white when the  » additional information” field is empty.
  • (i) white on blue when the  » additional information  » field contains information

All participants in a folder can edit the additional information concerning an action, even those who are not responsible for it.

However, only the chairperson or co-chairperson can change the additional information related to a folder or meeting.