Folder action plans

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The first information that appears when you open a folder is its action plan.

 Actions can be sorted using the filter icon at the bottom right, and new actions can be added using the « plus » icon next to it.

Actions are displayed in chronological order.

Hold your finger on an action, then drag it up or down to change the due date.

Swipe an action to the right to report the completion of the action. Click the “Complete » (I have put “complete” but it could be “finished” or “completed”. Whichever word is used, it’s another example of the word in the text needing to match the word used on the screen. From memory, we have used “complete(d)” rather than “Finished” in documents such as “Les Actions”)  button to confirm.

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Swipe an action to the left to display the undo command. Click the « Cancel » button to confirm.

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