Filtering folders

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By going to the menu « My folders « , then, « Search… « , you can filter the folders to display a list containing only the ones you want.

The filter criteria appear in the upper blue band.

You can filter by

  • Status: to display folders created, archived or deleted
  • Themes: to display only the folders that correspond to one or more themes
  • Manager: to display only the folders for which certain people are managers or co-managers
  • Visibility: to display only restricted or unrestricted viewing folders
  • Roles: to display only the actions for which you have a specific role: manager, person responsible or participant.

View :

Filters are cumulative. For example, you can filter according to a manager AND a theme.

You can add as many criteria as you want, but the more filters there are, the greater the risk of not having any hits.

To change the order in which your filters are displayed, you can use the sorter criteria.