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Perfony offers all users two different types of folder display that you can access by going to the « My Folders » menu.

A list view, which can be sorted and filtered, and a hierarchical view that reveals the inter-relationship between folders and their sub-folders.

Switching from one view to another is done using the selectors located at the top right of the screen.

The « folder list » view

The folder list view displays all folders one after the other, without taking into account the hierarchical organisation.

The drop-down menu on the right allows you to modify the sort order of the folders according to the following criteria:

  • Progress / status
  • Name
  • Number of ongoing actions
  • Number of overdue actions
  • Manager’s name

The [HI/LO] selector can be used to reverse the sort order:

  • Chronological / Reverse chronological
  • Alphabetic / Reverse alphabetical
  • From smallest to largest / from largest to smallest

The « folder hierarchy » view

This view displays the interlinked relationships and dependencies that folders and sub-folders have with each other.

The display is in the same vein as Windows Explorer or MacOSX Finder.

The [+] and [-] keys open and close folders.

The [EXPEND] button opens or closes the folder hierarchy tree in one click.

This display does not allow sorting, since the folders are organised in relation to each other.

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