Delegating an action

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Delegating an action can be done, at any time, by all members of the folder to which this action is attached and who have a « Manager » license. This is a complex matter that requires a thorough knowledge of the tool.

Delegating an action consists of a person responsible for the action assigning the implementation of this action to another person, or even another team, which are not members of the current folder that the action is attached to.

For example: the marketing director of an agency is entrusted with the action of « Redoing the company’s website » during a meeting of the Executive Committee.

We fully understand that it’s not he himself who will take care of implementing this action, but that he will assign it, for example, to the manager of the digital division for whom it will become a folder in its own right. Thus, once an action is delegated, it becomes a new folder for the person responsible for it, but remains an action for the person who was originally responsible and he/she will be able to follow its evolution.

In the action sheet, click on the

icon at the top right of the screen to open a setup window.

Choose who will be responsible for managing this new folder and add the collaborators who will be involved in this folder, then save.

View :

You can keep track of these changes in the « action history » tab.