Creating One or More Sub-Actions

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Creating sub-actions can be done, at any time, by all members of the folder to which this action is attached.

When sub-actions are created in an action, the sum of the sub-actions is deemed to mean the completion of the action. Thus, the action will be regarded as complete only after all sub-actions have been completed. It will no longer be possible to freely update the progress bar of the « parent » action. This will be determined by the sum of the progress of its sub-actions.

In the action file, open the « Sub-actions » tab as identified by the  icon.

Adding sub-actions is done by using the area for adding rapid actions at the bottom of this tab.

View :

In a folder’s action plan, sub-actions will appear with a light grey background and a slight indentation to the right to identify them easier.

A sub action is then managed exactly like a standard action: status bar, closure, priority, due date, person responsible, contributors, attached documents, comments etc. with one exception; a sub-action cannot itself have other sub-actions.

You can keep track of these changes in the « action history » tab.