Creating an action while in a meeting

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It’s possible to add actions to your folders directly from the meetings that manage these folders.

This is valid for meetings with « pending », « ongoing » or « completed » status, you can add actions to the action plan.

On the other hand, it’s no longer possible to add a new action to meetings which are « to be evaluated » or « closed ».

To add an action to a folder while in a meeting, go to the action plan section of your meeting page.

At the bottom of this section, you will find area in which you can quickly add an action.

You can go into detail about:

  • A person responsible (and contributors)
  • A deadline
  • A priority

Caution: if you are managing several folders during this meeting, you must be careful to choose the right folder when you attach each additional action!!

Click on the « Add » button to save your new action. It will appear immediately in the meeting action plan.