Creating an action using the menu bar

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It’s possible, at any time, to add an action in your Perfony space by going through the menu « My actions » then « New action ».

The page that appears allows a detailed description of the action, but only the name is a compulsory field.

View :

An action must always belong to a folder, if you do not specify anything the action will be added to your « To Do List ». It’s therefore particularly important to think carefully about clarifying which folder the action belongs to.

The choice of folder also determines the list of possible people who are responsible for it.

You can go into detail:

  • A person responsible (and contributors)
  • A deadline, a projected duration and any repetition.
  • A priority
  • Themes
  • Further information.

Click on the « Add » button at the bottom of the page to save your new action.