Connected your Android smartphone to your Perfony

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Once the application is installed on your smartphone, you now have to connect it to your Perfony space in order to use it.

Whether in the mobile or web app version, Perfony can’t work without an account.

If you don’t have a Perfony space yet, you can create it during the login process, but it’s easier and more convenient to do it beforehand.

To create your Perfony account, click here.

As with a typical login procedure from the web, you need 3 pieces of information to access your account:

  • Your iPerfony domain
  • Your user ID
  • Your password.

To find this information, follow the detailed information in each of the dedicated headings.

Now that you have your login information, start the application on your mobile. In the login screen, fill in the 3 input fields and confirm.

Congratulations, you’re connected!

To learn more about using Perfony for Android, see the dedicated heading.