Changing the progress of an action

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Modifying the state of progress of an action (status) can be done, at any time, by all members of the folder to which the action applies, although it’s more usual for each person responsible to update the progress of his or her own actions.

The progress of an action is updated by sliding the cursor to the completion bar.

This completion bar contains the increments:

  • 0% for actions not yet started
  • 20% – 40% for actions which are not yet half completed
  • 60% – 80% for actions that are more than half done but not yet completed
  • 100% for completed actions.

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It’s possible to go back, at any time, either because of an error in updating progress, or because of changes to correct an action that involves an element of re-work.

You can keep track of these changes in the « action history » tab.