Cancelling an action

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It’s possible for an action to be cancelled by all members that are involved in the folder to which the action applies.

In the action sheet, click the

icon at the top right of the screen.

A second verification will be requested in order to avoid click errors and you will also be able to enter a reason for cancellation such as « duplicated action », or « wrong action » etc….

Once an action is cancelled, it will no longer be displayed in your action plans.

View :

But don’t worry, you will still be able to find a previously cancelled action by using the menu « My actions » and then « Search… » by specifying that you want to see the cancelled actions in the « Status » filter. They will appear greyed out and appear inactive.

Finally, it’s possible to reopen a cancelled action with the  icon. You will be able to perform all the usual operations on the action again.

You can keep track of these changes in the « action history » tab.

Vous garderez une trace de ces modifications dans l’onglet « historique de l’action ».