Adding comments to a folder

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Since comments are a great way to facilitate discussions without having to use emails, it’s possible to add comments in dedicated folder pages, and also by directly using the folder list pages.

Adding a comment to a folder in a list

Whether you are in list view or hierarchical view, in a list of your bookmarks or not… you will always have the option of reading the comments of a folder by clicking on the comment « bubble ».

If the folder is active, an input box and a post button will also appear.

Please note, by pressing the « Enter » key on your keyboard, you will create a line break, but you will not post your comment. For it to be posted, you must use the « Post » button.

In a folder page

You also have the option of reading discussions that use comments in a folder page. To do this, select the « Comment » tab from one of the two central drop-down menus.

If the folder is active, you can participate using the input box at the bottom of the page.

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