Adding, changing or deleting the contributor (s) of an action

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Adding, changing and deleting one or more contributors to the implementation of an action are possible, at any time, by all members that are involved in the folder to which the action is attached.

The maximum number of contributors allowed is set by your Perfony account administrator.

In the action sheet, or in an action plan, click on the « + » circled by dots to open a drop-down menu that will show you all the users of your Perfony account. The input field above the user list allows you to search among users.

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Caution: only people already registered in the system can be added as contributors.

To change a contributor and replace them with another, click on the avatar of the one you want to replace and do the same on the avatar of the person that you want to replace them with.

Finally, to remove a contributor, click on their avatar and choose « None » from the list of proposed users.

You can keep track of these changes in the « action history » tab.