Adding, changing, and deleting themes in a folder

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Adding, editing and deleting one or more themes from a folder can be done at any time, but only by the manager and co-managers of the folder.

Adding themes can be done as soon as the folder is created using the dedicated fields.

It’s also possible to modify or delete an existing theme by going to the general information tab of a folder and clicking the    icon next to the name of the theme.

To change a theme, type the new theme in the field and confirm. Entering themes is partially prompted to allow you to find themes that have already been entered.

  • For example, to link the folder to the « Quality » theme, you don’t know if it says « QUALITY » or « Quality ». Type only the first letters (with or without capital letters) and you will be offered the exact spelling.

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  • To delete a theme, delete the previous entry, leave the field empty and confirm.